Right requires stronger unity

On Jan. 6, 199 Republican lawmakers ascended Congress and took their place in the House and Senate. Supported by the growing Tea Party, Republicans are united in their determination to reverse the health care legislation. However, the party’s lack of unified ideals will inevitably divide it.

The Republican Party has always been a loose alliance of different beliefs only united by a leader who may not support their views but opposes the political left.

Houseguests more of a nuisance than a holiday joy

House guests. These last minute stragglers who refuse to leave your house even though you might have hinted, not once but a couple of times, that it is time to say good bye. They are like a flu virus, tenacious to the core.

 I do not understand their complete obliviousness. The fact that they are the only guests in the house doesn’t really seem to bother them, which in turn bothers me. I feel as if relatives and distantly related cousins, who I have never been close with and definitely do not want to spend my holidays with, are supposed to be exactly that, distant.

I-night to include a mix of activities

The annual International Night is going to be hosted on Feb. 9 in the auditorium. International Night celebrates the different cultures present in the school.

Sharyn Quick, an adult sponsor who is helping in the overall production, said that the night represents “many of the 99 cultures we have here.”

The night consists of a scavenger hunt in the early evening where people answer questions about different countries and cultures. A large jigsaw puzzle of the world and bingo are also included, Quick said.

Proposed communication guidelines receive criticism




A state-wide proposal modeling policies intended to limit the possibility of "sexual misconduct" between teachers and students will be voted on by the Virginia Board of Education (Virginia BOE) on Feb. 12.

Among the promoinent, potential policies involve methods of communication.

Theatre Performs 'The Dogs are Coming'

Following a winter production of the risque musical Chicago, Marshall Theatre is performing the children’s fairy-tale medley Wolftales and senior Rayn Epremian’s The Dogs Are Coming, at the end of January. Both plays are one-acts.

The Dogs Are Coming was performed at the Virginia High School League Liberty Districts, which was hosted at Marshall, where it placed fourth. Junior James Lex was nominated for the Best Actor award and senior Hannah Rak was nominated for Best Actress.

Write for Rights reaches new heights

Amnesty held Write for Rights after a two year hiatus, Julie Hoang, senior and club treasurer said. This year Amnesty International USA aims to gather 350,000 letters to continue this success.

Write for Rights returned to Amnesty club from Dec. 6 to Dec. 11 and surpassed the expectations of Amnesty clubs members. On Dec. 9, senior Shannon Minor said they collected 377 letters as of Friday surpassing their goal of 250 letters for the week. ?[Amnesty club] had so many responses from everyone,? senior Ratnameghana Munnaluri said.

Chicago shines through windy practice

For months the halls have had signs advertising the theatre department?s most recent production, Chicago, a mature Broadway musical the likes of which is rarely seen in high school drama programs.

The program, however, took on the racy play. With months of rehearsal spanning from early September until the weekend before production in December under their belts, the cast and crew were ready to finally perform for a live audience.

The program scheduled four performances on Dec. 3, 4, 10 and 11, and an understudy production on Dec. 5.

SIBS surpresses IB candidates' stress

The arduous path through the International Baccalaureate (IB) program is now a little less treacherous. With the sponsorship of IB coordinator Eston Melton, Junior Faby Chaillo has created a new club which seeks to ?help [the students] out mentally, [and] help them deal with...stress and frustration,? Chaillo said. Supporting IB Students (SIBS) will host discussion and study groups typical of collaborating IB students. The SIBS Facebook group is the primary means of communication between members.

DECA raises money for homeless birthdays

DECA concluded its ?Cause for Celebration? project on Dec. 10 with a fund raiser at the Tysons Corner Silver Diner. It was held in an effort to provide money for the Katherine Hanley Homeless Shelter in Fairfax. This marks the first year that DECA has done a ?Cause for Celebration? program.

Juniors and DECA members Yazan Alshawkani, Brendan Fogarty and Kate Pantano organized the event along with other events during the ?Cause for Celebration? week.

Rebecca's List: Top 6 most unforgettable commercial mascots

The opinions presented in this article reflect those of the individual reporters, not of the Rank & File collectively.

1. Geico Gecko: The classic mascot of an unknown ethnicity.

2. GoDaddy Girls: Probably the least classy mascots of all time, the GoDaddy Super Bowl commercials are, if nothing else, unforgettable.

3. Travelocity Gnome: There is something really disturbing about a gnome who spends that much time with William Shatner.